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Jaynie at European University Of Lefke 2011

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Greetings Friends of Dance and Culture!
I thank you all for the inquiries and feedback about our “Dances of Turkey” project! As many of you know the project, “Dances of Turkey Volume 1: Variants of Turkish Belly Dances” is STILL in post production. Each time I screen it, I get valuable input from my audience. I want to pay attention to what information our viewers would like to gain from watching this projected 50 minute film. For this reason I will be shooting supplementary interviews with our dancers/musicians in March 2011, and I will be tightening the narrative to make the film more informative–not only about the dances but about customs and social contexts as well. THANKS for your patience and support!

In other BIG news, I have accepted a full time position at the European University of Lefke in Lefke, North Cyprus. I will be innovating new classes such as “Body Language,” “Visual Culture,” and of course, “Ethnographic Film.” Stay tuned for our new programs involving world dance research, ethnography, and performance. Our campus has excellent resources and we will be able to continue to edit our ethnographic dance research materials in the video lab, where I aim to take full advantage of our MAC/Final Cut Pro set ups. For those of you who have inquired about studying undergraduate or advanced degrees in the dance/visual ethnography related fields with me, you may now consider coming to European University of Lefke–the Mediterranean’s premier University of arts and interdisciplinary sciences. (www.eul.tr.edu)

In addition I will continue to studio classes like Yoga and Belly Dance in the European University’s 5 Star Fitness Center. We hope to get our students excited about the many performance opportunities available in North Cyprus.

My residence will still be maintained in Izmir, Turkey and I have MANY projects based in Anatolia and Thrace this year including “Dances of Turkey Volume 2: A Zeybek Wedding,” an EXCITING film which will be co-edited by the residents of Dampinar in Aydin, Turkey.

I will by no means be leaving Turkey. This means, to all of my Turkish students, I encourage you to keep in touch. I am still available for you. To all of my friends in USA and the Pacific Islands, I can now host you in Turkey AND North Cyprus.

More Soon from the Aegean AND NOW the Mediterranean!
Dr. Jaynie

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