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2011 Dances of Turkey Report

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Happy New Year to all of our Friends of Dance Ethnography!
A greeting to you all from Izmir, Turkey, where I am currently re-vamping the narrative and study guide that will accompany “Dances of Turkey Volume 1: Turkish and Roman Belly Dances.” The screenings of the film were very successful in the United States and Croatia and I am incorporating the great feedback I received to make this movie even better! For those of you that aren’t familiar with the many variants of Turkish Belly Dances –and for those of you that are– our aim is to enhance understanding about the social aspects of these dances as they are performed on stage and in the celebratory setting. 2011 promises to be an exciting year with many more Dances of Turkey videos in post production! Stay tuned for our Zeybek Wedding previews AND our Turkish Rhythms and Percussion CDs that will be sure to please every kind of belly dancer and fan of Turkish music! ALOHA and keep those innovative ideas and questions coming! ALOHA~ Jaynie and the gang at jaynieaydin.com

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