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Aloha Friends of Dance Ethnography!
Yes, yes, we are STILL editing the Dances of Turkey Volume 1: Variants of Turkish Belly Dances. I entered the movie into 2 film festivals so it HAS to be done by summer. I promise.

I have been working with my new students in North Cyprus day and night training them to make documentaries about dance, culture, and traditional lore. Although I have many productions of my own to finish I truly enjoy teaching at European University of Lefke. Our university has a new TV station called LAU TV and we are working together with a special crew from Izmir (Levent Duranli, Nurhan Vurhal, and Fehmi Togrul) in order to make bodacious programs about local folk life. It has been a great pleasure to find such satisfactory work in the fields of Folklore and Anthropology.

Yes, I am finding time to go to Turkey twice a month and I will be there for the annual Izmir Tepecik Hidrellez festival in May.

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