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Greetings Friends of Dance Ethnography!
Some of you have been asking about the scheduled release date of DANCES OF TURKEY VOLUME 1 : Variants of Turkish Belly Dance…well, after great deliberation and many meetings with my Turkish Lawyer, Eda Ozturk Av. I am sorry to have announce yet another delay. It seems we may have to once again re-edit as many of my dancing informants expressed discomfort with being depicted belly dancing in public. I have to respect the wishes of the people I have filmed and danced with and will begin another re-edit this year…In the mean time I am able to show much of the original footage in lectures and symposiums for academic and research purposes. SO PLEASE INVITE ME!

I am also thrilled to announce that I will be opening The Jaynie Aydin Dance Studio in the beautiful California Sierra Foothills. For those of you interested in studying with me you can contact me at jaynie@jaynieaydin.com and if you are close to the Nevada City, California area you are invited to take a group or private lesson with me. The studio will be in operation in late July and will be open most of the year–except when I am in Turkey.

Happy Dancing and Stay in Touch!

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  1. Robyn Friend says:

    Hey Jaynie!

    I had no idea you were returning to California! That’s great news.

    I’ve been thinking of you, wondering what you have been up to, and if you would be able to come to the Silk Road Dance weekend this year. It sounds like you will be having your hands full, but if you can make it, it would be super fun to have you join us.

    As an alternative, you could always sponsor me to come to your studio….

    All the best,


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