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A Visual Dance Ethnography

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Hello Friends~
I am happy to give the report on Dances of Turkey Volume 1—almost here. I am so thankful for the helpful questions and comments you have all posted and your feedback is helping me create a more informative ethnographic story told through the language of dance.

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  1. Deniz says:

    My name is Deniz Filyos my mother is an Ameican and my father is a turkish gypsy. My father comes from Istanbul Gültepe which has a big gypsy community. Your interest in this beautiful culture has inspired me! Even if you have a drop of gypsy blood in your veins does’nt matter which part of the world you live in the gypsy atmosphere will allways pull you back home. Thank you Jaynie for the great work and I hope to see more. Achesendevla!

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