Jaynie Aydin Ethnographic Dance Research and Performance

The Aydin Style

In contemporary times the term ‘Belly Dance’ may conjure up a variety of images from the most fantastic to the most ordinary. Jaynie’s Belly Dance style reflects an original synthesis between Turkish, Roman, Egyptian, and Tunisian staged and social dances. She is fluent in Egyptian Ghawazee and Cabaret, Shikat, Raqs Shaabi, and Turkish Roman Oriental. Her movement vocabulary is rooted in the traditions and customs from the Egypt, North Africa, and Turkey with little influence from Modern Western Dances. Jaynie is a twenty-year apprentice of the legendary Aisha Ali and preserves the embodied accuracy that Ms. Ali is praised for.

Since 2005 Jaynie has been in semi-retirement, teaching Belly Dance for fitness, fun, and cultural awareness at universities, international sports centers, and community sponsored events and celebrations. Her Belly Dance style is incredibly popular to watch and perform because of the high energy and high enjoyment factor of audiences and sister dancers alike. She has recently emerged from her international hiatus and will continue her world tour, promoting the beauty and understanding of Oriental Dance in Culture.