Jaynie Aydin Ethnographic Dance Research and Performance


Dr. Jaynie Aydin is a folklorist, visual anthropologist, and world dance researcher. She received her PhD from UCLA’s department of World Arts and Cultures in 2007. She has professed in institutions such as UCLA, The UCLA Fowler Museum (www.fowler.ucla.edu), California State University Northridge, The Ventura Community Colleges, Istanbul Technical University, Yasar University, Lebanon American University and the State Performance Conservatory at EGE University (www.ege.edu.tr/en) in Izmir, Turkey. As a scholar of many disciplines Jaynie teaches a wide range of courses including but not limited to Anthropology, Ethnography, Western Civilization, Dance Ethnology, Textiles of the Middle East and Anatolia, Video Production for the Arts, Folklore and Mythology and Modern Global Studies as well as studio dance classes.

Dr. Jaynie Aydin is a Los Angeles native, born in Hollywood and raised in West Los Angeles, California. She divides her time between her family in California and Turkey, Hawai’i and New Zealand.